Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Introducing Dr. Mallory Wiersma

Malipie and her Dada

Mallory has 2 TEETH! (I had to make her mad in order to get this wonderful picture :-)

These are just a FEW of the many WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Nurses that have helped us through everything, we LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!

Jamie was our nurse on Mally's last night of chemo. She was also one of the first nurses that really helped us through Mallory's diagnosis week. I honestly feel so blessed to have worked with her, she really brings a smile to your face. She is just AMAZING!

This is Dr. DeMarco, she was the resident doctor on when Mallory first was admitted. She Hugged us, cried with us, and by chance she was again the resident doctor on the floor on Mallory's last night! She was just incredible. (Along with MANY MANY of the doctors we have worked with!)

Mallory ADORES Laura one of our many techs, she just lights up whenever she walks into the room.

We were sent this AMAZING SUPER HEALING POWER TURTLE from "Max's Love Project". It is a great organization that sends kids fighting cancer these turtles. Please take a moment to check out this wonderful wonderful family that sends these out, they sent a case of 6 to us that were given out at Helen Devos, you can donate money to sponsor a case or even a single turtle for a child!

We still have to wait 3-4 weeks for her scans and will update when they are and as soon as we get any of the results back. Until then we are going to attempt to get back in the "normal" swing of things, and continue to hope and pray that the chemo did it's job. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING!!!! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers through the next month as it will still be a tough process.


  1. Thank you for sharing your joy and these GREAT pictures Mallory is a rock star-you are right and she is a very beautiful baby girl. I love her teeth! God bless that baby.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Mallory is just precious. I just want to hug her up! Your family will continue to be in my thougths and prayers! Love her teeth! Just looking at all the pictures you shared brought a smile to my face! To see your baby girl fight is amazing! God Bless you and your family! Praying the Chemo did the job!

  3. Seriously, can Mallory be any more beautiful? What a blessing to have such loving, warm, and compassionate nurses,techs,doctors, etc. working with Mallory. These pictures are stunning. Continued prayers from Florida.

  4. Good luck, may God continue to bless you,lavishly, every day.

  5. Mallory is such a cutie pie!!! I could squeeze her up!!!
    Thank You for sharing these wonderful pictures!!!
    You are lucky to have Dr's and nurses who care so much!! That's great!!!
    Please keep us updated on everything..... And Goodluck with everything regarding Mallory and your fiancé. You are all fighters...So Keep your head up and stay strong and beautiful!!!
    God Bless!!!

  6. A fellow BBC mom here. I love the pics of Mallory. She is getting so big. I am glad that she is done with chemo and you are able to rest some at home. Please try to keep us updated. I am thinking and praying for you guys constantly.