Sunday, February 26, 2012


This weekend has been AMAZING!

We had around 60 people show up for the blood drive only around 50ish could donate but what a GREAT turnout, that's 150 people that can be helped by such a small effortless act. WAY TO GO EVERYONE! (even if you were not able to donate we still appreciate you coming and showing your support!)

Mallory has been fantastic since we got home on Thursday. She's chipper as ever, eating great, and smiling like a champ. She is on a new medication called "Megace" it has done WONDERS. The oncologist on the inpatient flood this past week that she is no longer gaining and hasn't for the past month almost. Our next option is a feeding tube after this. So far so good, she is drinking 32 ounces or more a day! Which is WAY more than she normally does or more than any baby really, now if we could get her past 4 ounce bottles that would be great, but I'm not complaining I'll take the constant feedings over a feeding tube!

We have a busy week coming up, Mallory has clinic on Monday to check her counts. Also I am pretty sure we are going to have to degunk her lines because they keep getting pretty hard to flush. They still flush thankfully but we don't want anymore problems with those lines, Mal has had enough surgeries and scars, the poor punky does not need anymore.

I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry that at some point needs to be folded and put away, thankfully my wonderful Mom is going to help me out with that. (and possibly Kari too if we don't get around to it all!). I have always been bad about folding laundry but now I HAVE TO or else I spend more time digging around to pack bags than if I just folded it in the first place.

My parents also cleaned and vacuumed my house while we were at the blood drive, how awesome are they? I only have a week at home, no motivation, and 0 energy left lately. It's great to know that I can count on them to help out when I get so run down after awhile.

We also have Jillian's follow up eye appointment from her surgery. She in the past has been SO SO naughty when it comes to these. She screams, and kicks, and gets so mad. Hopefully the 6 month break from them will make it a lot easier. She had a lazy eye as a baby, she had glasses, and an eye patch. Her eyes now look spot on so hopefully the ophthalmologist will feel the same way! I am sure this is going to end up being a 3-4 hour appointment but ohhh well.

We have chemo again on Thursday, that runs for 6 days. If anyone wants to come visit and bring lunch during the week this Momma would think the world of you. Friday - Tuesday are GREAT days for visitors. The last round of chemo went without a hitch, Mallory did GREAT so we are hoping it's the same.

Then 2 weeks from that we do another CT! I have no idea what I am going to do if it doesn't come out with good results, I am not going to touch on this right now because my focus is getting us through this next round. I've got my fingers crossed, chin held high, and praying all the time.


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