Friday, February 3, 2012


Yep you heard that SMILES, heart melting WONDERFUL smiles tonight. Mallory is doing MUCH better, she hasn't had morphine since this morning, she's smiling like crazy and she's no longer whimpering every time we move her around. YIPPIE! ohh and she's poofing (I don't like the word fart, because girls totally don't fart), one of the requirements before we go home is she has to go #2 so poofing is a good sign. (Someday she will KILL me for writing this!) 

One of the kids 5 doors down from us has a sign on his door.

No doctors with bad news
No family without presents
No nurses with chemo
and that he needed a gift cards to Qdoba and Track Phone gift cards.

So naturally we had to give him a gift card to Qdoba, so we slipped a gift card and a little note saying that we LOVED his sign, that we hoped his belly would be full of good food soon.

So a few hours later a nurse shows up with tupperware full of food for dinner for us! So naturally I send him a bag full of Mama Wiersma cookies. (She brought me a WHOLE container of them for comfort food) I told him that obviously I did not bake them because Microwaves don't make the greatest cookies, and since Mallory couldn't eat them she certainty enjoyed the smell and that we ate some for her :-p

So this place may suck but at least were having a little bit of fun.


  1. I am here for pictures if you choose and many prayers!!

  2. Iv been reading your posts the past few days/nights.
    Mallory seems like such a sweetie!!! Her and the rest are your family are in my thoughts and prayers!! There is not a day that goes by I don't think of your family!!