Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everyday is Blessed

Everyday we get to see our beautiful girls sweet smiling faces we are blessed. Every giggle we are blessed. Every moment of everyday we are blessed.

Our next round of chemo starts March 1st. Another 6 day hospital stay, another 5 nights of Topotecan and Cytoxan. And after that another scan to see how it's working. But each of those days is another day I get to spend with Mallory, where we get to cuddle night and day, another chance at her having many many birthday's.

The rate of death of neuroblastoma in the 1960's was 0%, Now in 2012 (in Infants) has gone up to nearly 90% survival rate! So we are just counting on our Daughter being part of these 90% of children that fight to make it. So far she has done incredible, she is smiling, she has beautiful PINK rosey cheeks, she is so giggly, I am amazed. My daughter gives me strength. But no matter the outcome, I count my blessings because each day I get to spend with these girls is the best day of my life.

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