Thursday, December 22, 2011

That sweet sweet babe of mine

Mallory is totally snuggled up to me while I write this (Yep, I'd be jealous too!)

Last night went really well! Mallory had 1 really big episode that got to me where she was screaming her head off and could not be consoled. Luckily Ry had not left yet so he was there to comfort me as I tried to comfort Mally. It's going to be really hard on me to watch her get so sick, I am an emotional person in general (one of the cons to being a woman!) but We will get through it. After that though, 1 dose of Zofran (anti-nausea medication) and she was out like a light. She got up twice to eat and that was that.

Until the nurse came in around 6 to do her morning vitals and asked me if I wanted her to change her diaper, I said after she eats is fine. So I pick her up start feeding her and she is SOAKED, soaked through her diaper, onto her clothes, and then onto her rocker. Apparently my idea of "not changing diapers in the middle of the night" doesn't apply when your child is hooked up to fluids for 3 days straight. (Obviously I change her if its a #2 diaper)

Each week will be a little bit different with Chemo, this week goes :

Day 1 :
Carboplatin - 1 hour
Etoposide: 1 hour

Day 2:
Etoposide : 1 hour

Day 3:
Etoposide: 1 hour

She is being monitored 24/7 on her pulse and heart rate, Blood Pressure every 15 minutes while the chemo is going and every 4 hours after that, they take her temperature every 4 hours, and draw labs every morning to check her blood counts. They run saline ALL day long to keep her hydrated. They give the Zofran every 6 hours to combat any type of nausea she might have.

So far she has reacted pretty well but this is not something that will completely affect her right away, next week around New Years weekend is when she will be at her lowest blood count wise and when she will feel the worst is what they've told us to expect.

After yesterday everything started running more smoothly and we just need to get through these next 2 days and just look forward to Christmas with our sweet sweet babes! :-)


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  1. This is a nail biter! Poor sweet baby! I would cry too if I was you. Many hugs :) By the way did I ever mention she's a REALLY cute baby? Merry Christmas!